Liqiang Guo
Master Student
Web Mining Group
Institute of Computer Science and Technology
Peking University
Beijing,China 100871

I am a master student supervised by associate professor Xiaojun Wan.I am interested in information retrive,sentiment analysis and etc.Now I am focusing on opinion retrieval.



  • Research and Implementation of Exchange Model Algorithm
    Innovative program of Jilin university in 2008
    see N.O.222
  • NTCIR-8 MOAT Task
    Got the best result(1/6 rank) in the opinion sub-task which I participated.
  • TREC 2010 Blog Track
    3/12 rank in the baseline sub-task.
    1/11 rank in the opinion sub-task.
    2/11 rank in the factual sub-task.
    All the three sub-tasks are finished by myself.


  • Liqiang Guo and Xiaojun Wan. Exploiting Syntactic and Semantic Relationships between Terms for Opinion Retrieval. (2012). Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST). Accepted Paper
  • Liqiang Guo and Xiaojun Wan.S2ORM:Exploiting Syntactic and Semantic Information for Opinion Retrieval. In Proceedings of WWW2012. poster paper. pdf
  • Liqiang Guo,Fangzhou Zhai,Yan Shao and Xiaojun Wan.PKUTM at TREC 2010 Blog Track. In Proceedings of TREC’10, 2010. pdf
  • Chenfeng Wang, Tengfei Ma, Liqiang Guo,Xiaojun Wan and Jianwu Yang.PKUTM Experiments in NTCIR-8 MOAT Task .In Proceedings of NTCIR-8 Workshop Meeting, Tokyo, 2010. pdf
  • YU Liang-jiang, WU Chun-guo,Guo Li-qiang,LiangYan-chun,Yang Xin-shuo.Article Exchange Model and Its Algorithm.Journal of Jilin University (ScienceEdition) p653-657,2010.(in chinese) pdf
    (This work was finished when I was a undergraduate student supervised by associate professor
    Chunguo Wu in IE lab of Jilin university.)
  • Liqiang Guo. Implementation of Multi-Keywords Based Query in Full Text Retrieval .(graduation project in Chinese) pdf


Selected Awards:

  • First Nationali Prize in MCM2007. pdf
  • Second International Prize in MCM/ICM2008. pdf
  • Excellent  Paper  Prize  in ICST 2010 (for my work in TREC 2010 Blog Track)


  • football(足球); basketball(篮球); pingpong(乒乓球); badminton(羽毛球); billiards(台球); skating(滑冰); skiing(滑雪);
  • travel(旅游); biking(骑单车);


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